First Public Defibrillators Distributed. 

Through funds raised by The Rotary Club of Playa Coronado and The Panama Helpline - six automatic electronic defibrillators are now available to keep our members - and the public - safer.  Before today the only defibrillators were in clinics (not open 24 hours) or ambulances (few and far between).

Two of the defibrillators are mobile units, to be dispatched by Panama Roadrunner vehicles. Simply call the Panama Helpline - 6599- 3122 - and a defibrillator is on its way - 24 hours a day. 

The cost for a Panama Roadrunner defibrillator delivery is $35 an hour - and if needed, the time it takes to transport you to the hospital or clinic of your choice. 

The other units are being kept at convenient locations for the FREE use of anyone in the area. Today we delivered the first public unit to El Rey Pharmacy in Coronado. Tomorrow we deliver a unit and train the staff at El Rey in El Valle. Next week to El Rey in Penonomé.

If anyone feels a potential heart attack coming on, the 24 hour pharmacy will allow them to use the defibrillators free of charge until an ambulance arrives.

The units are fully automatic (meaning all you do is press a button - if you need a shock, it will read your vitals and administer one - if you do not need a shock - it won't) 

All units have verbal instructions in Spanish (the mobile units have audio instructions in English). 

PHL will maintain the units and ensure the batteries are changed and the units are in working order.