Posted on Mar 27, 2019
COUNTERS DOWN - the math game that teaches students arithmetic and helps develop social interaction skills in a fun and entertaining way.
"Ever since calculators were allowed in classrooms, kids have lost their ability to add in their heads. Of greater concern is that with kid’s obsession with texting (even texting each other when sitting together in the same room!!!”) kids are losing their social interaction skills and are finding it difficult to have any real conversations” say Rob Brown, game creator and project leader of the Rotary Club of Coronado.
COUNTERS DOWN (and its Spanish-language version CONTADORES ABAJO is something very needed in Panama.
The Word Economic From studied the education systems of 139 countries in 2011, and Panama was ranked a dismal 129th
out of 139 - sadly these poor educational standards heave not gotten better since 2011” says Brown.
Teachers in Panama have few resources to work with - chalk, pencils, paper, book, erasers, even sharpeners are in very short supply. This game HELPS THE TEACHERS TEACH.
Better than flash cards or memorization by rote - this game helps kids (and again seniors) minds to stay sharp and active.
The Rotary Club of Playa Coronado together with four Rotary Clubs in Ontario, Canada and private donors are joining together to have boxes built for math teachers in our area and hosting a Final Championships with the top students in each category winning cash prizes towards their education. 
Category A) Kindergarten - Grade 3
Category B) Grade 4 - 7
Category C) Grades 9 - 12
Category D) Special needs students
Local woodworkers have been hired to build 100 boxes initially - helping create local employment. 
"Our eventual goal is to build a game for every math teacher in Panama” says Brown
YOU CAN HELP THE TEACHERS TEACH - by donating $50 you will receive a game box for your family AND we will donate a student game to a school in your name.
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