Mothers day in Panama
Happy Mother's Day in Panama
La Comarca mothers and children
December 8th, if you are Panamanian, has about as much significance as Christmas, New Years, or Independence Day. It's Mother's Day, which also is the date of the Feast of the Immaculate Conception when Catholics worldwide celebrate the solemn belief in the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary.
Panama was being settled by Catholic Spanish immigrants since the early 1500's, hence Catholicism has a very strong hold on the country. Presently around 70% of the population identifies as Roman Catholic.
There are numerous slightly different accounts, but in 1924 the Rotary Club of Panama (an exclusively gentlemen's club at that time) suggested that Mother's Day be on May 11th. (A convenient date for US citizens, of which at the time there were a large number living in the Canal Zone).
The proposal was submitted to the Office of President of the Republic Belisario Porras, who was in his last year of office.  He actioned an officer to officially select the date, Panamanians naturally disagreeing with the proposed May date.
December 8th was suggested in 1930 by Arosemena Doña Hersilia Arias, the wife of Panama’s President Florencio Harmodio Arosemena. Politician Aníbal D. Ríos changed the proposal so that the holiday would be held on December 8, and it was made into a national holiday in Law 69, passed the same year.
I wish all you ladies (mothers or not) have a special day.