Posted on Oct 16, 2017
Penonomé University requested help in 2 areas, the first was to assist in the construction a new Prevention Health Centre in an existing large room, and secondly to improve the nursery bathroom.
The construction of a new Prevention Health Centre will allow the University to teach a new course covering disease prevention, promoting a healthier lifestyle with better diet and a sport health program to prevent the most common diseases in Panama (diabetes, heart diseases and obesity).   An existing room will be partitioned into 3 separate teaching rooms, each with new furniture, power, water supplies and drains.  The cost of this part of the project is $4,304.97, of which the University has raised nearly $2,000 and this has been matched with a donation from the Rotary Club of Playa Coronado of $2,000.  The work can start on the construction at any time and is most likely to be completed during the holidays so as not to disrupt classes.  The new facility will be ready for the next academic year.  The furniture can be bought last since this part of the cost is $1,570 and chairs are the last thing needed.  There is a slight shortfall in funding but we and the University are exploring options.

The nursery school inside the University caters for about 30 children at a time. This nursery allows both students and teachers to leave their children in a safe environment whilst they attend classes or teach classes. Currently there is only one adult toilet and wash basin. The improvements to the bathroom facilities will comprise removing the one existing toilet and it will be replaced with 3 child toilets and new washbasins fitted at a suitable height for children. The bathroom area tiling, walls and ceiling will also be refurbished as appropriate.  The University has no funds for this part of the project yet, $2,613.00.   Can you help?