Rotary Foundation News
Our club continues to support the Rotary Foundation, and continuing on from the challenges set by Past President Mark Kendziorek (2014-2015) that year, we have achieved the following due to the efforts of this year's Foundation Chair Phil Birn. 
Goals are set by President Mike or Rotary International.  A reminder, there are 40 clubs in our district spread across 4 countries.  Today we have 19 members and within Panama, the Panama City Club has around 108 members, many of whom we suspect have slightly larger disposable incomes than us.
1.  Goal: $2,000.00 to PolioPlus (to eradicate Polio in the world, 6 cases in the world 2018 so far, all in Afghanistan).
           Achieved $2,305.00 (We are the largest donor club in the district). 
2.  Goal: $100 donated by every club member to the Rotary Foundation
           Achieved - this gains us an award for Every Rotarian Every Year.
3.  Goal: Increase club giving by 10% over last year
           Achieved.  We received an award last year thanks to Art Letts, Foundation Chair, for being 3rd in District. This year better?
4.  Goal:  To be first in the District for total giving
           We are currently second in the district. (less than $1,000 behind the Panama Club).
There are other goals I could mention, but the important thing for us now is that we given to the Foundation to the ALL FUNDS Share (AF-Share) programme.  With AF-Share, we, the Rotary Club of Playa Coronado, gets almost 50% back of the donations made this year, in 3 years time.  In the interim Rotary International uses the money across different programmes.  Its a win-win for us.
A Paul Harris Award is made to those who have donated $1,000 to the Rotary Foundation.  A +1 etc means another +$1,000.  You don't have to be a club member to donate.  Check out "The Rotary Foundation" on and on if you want to know a little more about how good and transparent the foundation is.  Our club includes many Paul Harris Fellows both members and non-members (anyone can donate). If you see a specific area where you wish to support, just contact Phil Birn (or me).  The main areas that the Foundation supports are Promoting Peace, Providing Clean Water, Saving Mothers and Children, Supporting Education, Growing Local Economies and Fighting Disease.  All relevant to Panama!
We can do more, so please support us, our fundraiser and we will do everything we can to make your giving painless (at least that is what Phil says) and we will endeavor to use your donations in the most efficient way we can.