Elly Davids (Young Generations Chair) and Joel Davids hosted a day at the beach for all our Scholarship students on Friday 23rd March 2018.
Have you ever tried herding cats?
Elly Davids our Young Generations Chair knows what it is like since she tried to get all our Scholarship students together in one place at one time.
She and her husband Joel managed to get most, but not all, together on Friday 23rd March 2018 and we have proof in the photograph below. 
Note that Elly, Joel and Mike are included are in the picture too, slightly older looking than the current students, can you spot them? 
The picture was taken in the rain at the poolside and from there we went to the beach, had lunch and a walk on the sand, for those young and daring enough.
We wish the student all the best for their future studies and hope that maybe a few will return and tell us of their experiences at university.